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Slowly Ruining A Loan Scammer's Day - The Hoax Hotel

I called up some advance-fee loan scammers who claimed to be with "E Loan Finance", and told them I was ready to send the $250 fee to receive my delicious ...

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LOANS FOR UNEMPLOYED Try this loan first... Then try this one to make sure you get the loan.... Can I get a loan ...

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1-904-398-0080 / 19043980080 (2) - 800notes

I called to advise them that this was an alleged debt as I have never lived in the place with which thy are attempting to collect a debt. On one conversation a lady told me I could go live in a park because, they were going to garnish my wages.

1-866-736-8730 / 18667368730 (2) - Phone Number Lookup

The 8667368730 is a real company that calls on behalf of different loan companies. Equifax is a third party hired to do verifications of employment. so if you guys are so dumb and think we are fake!

Autism, Or Something Like It: Why I hate "Welcome to Holland"

A well meaning friend recently sent me this essay.It is called "Welcome to Holland", and was written in 1987 by Emily Perl Kingsley, a special needs parent who describes her parenting journey as being like getting very excited for a vacation to Italy (parenting expectations) only to find that she has been landed (permanently) in the quaint country of Holland (reality of special needs parenting).


Leaving Indemnity will be calculated: fifteen days' wages for each year of the first three years of service and of one month's wages for each year of service thereafter.Such worker shall be entitled to payment of leaving indemnity upon a quantum meruit (what he has earned) in proportion to the period of his service completed within a year.

What to do when fake debt collection scammers call.

I got a phone call message which said someone would be by my home and place of employment to give me a summons. That kinda startled me. Then later I called the number back and spoke with someone.

Компания ООО «НПО «ЭКОХИМПРИБОР» получила Диплом за ...

On the one hand, I have very little trouble with people creating whatever kind of simulations they wish, (I’m one of those people who thinks that for some people it’s a way to excercise these impulses in a safe, cathartic manner).On the other hand, the fact that these kinds of apps are (presumably) public, and have little or no age restrictions applied makes me uncomfortable, especially ...

Markup: Text Alignment - agromysl

Default. This is a paragraph. It should not have any alignment of any kind. It should just flow like you would normally expect. Nothing fancy. Just straight up text, free flowing, with love.

Laura Hillenbrand: Guestbook

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Is the Infinite Banking Strategy Using Whole Life ...

Several months ago, I became fascinated with the Infinite Banking Concept. Since then, I have committed probably something to the tune of 100 hours in to researching the Concept, reading books about it, talking to professionals/bloggers in the personal finance field, as well as discussing the concept with three life insurance agents who specialize in the strategy.

which is the best business to start and grow in India ...

which is the best business to start and grow in India. hello all enterprising people.Survey says 90%people dont enter into business due to their habit of playing it safe and keep planning for the right time.So please stop thinking and be ready to join me in setting up a big milk processing plant in eastern UP where I have bought 21 acre land for the same and have got some investors cum working ...